listing property for sale.

Integrity Residential Solutions provides full service brokerage for sellers, including corporate relocations, financial, and investment consultants. Our service is beyond brokerage; we are a financial consultant, educator, and partner to the end user. For the seller, IRS adds value to property through innovative and powerful marketing. IRS will provide you with a survey commonly known as comparative market analysis, which consists of intimate knowledge and an intense study of property value considering appreciation, supply and demand, presentation, price-per-square foot comparison, and image. We will customize a marketing plan for your property, which consists of advertising, print media, social media and advanced marketing techniques. Print material includes post cards and mailing campaigns addressed to neighboring property and potential customers, professionally designed fact sheets with floor plans, and detailed property photos.



Preparing your Property for Showing


Selling residential real estate is our business. We encourage sellers to learn from our experience on how to expose the most attractive features of your property and prepare for showings or open houses.

  • Make sure your rooms are not cluttered. Clear all excess chairs, lamps, magazines, toys, and tables that you don’t use.

  • Windows should sparkle. Blinds and curtains should be open and lights should be on to brighten the room.

  • If the paint is peeling or cracking, consider painting.

  • Keep in mind that closets seem bigger if they are not too full.

  • Clean your bathrooms, kitchen and mop the floors.

  • Flowers, potpourri, or even the smell of freshly brewed coffee will make your home more inviting.

  • Agents and buyers often feel more relaxed and comfortable discussing the property in private. Perhaps you would prefer to be away during the showing?


Following our guidance will help you sell your property for the highest possible price in the most effective manner.



Bidding and Negotiating


•   Our agents will request all offers in writing.

•   We will pre-qualify every buyer with the offer.

•   Since we owe our fiduciary responsibility to you the sellers our goal will be to negotiate the

     highest price possible keeping in mind not to lose the buyer.


•   With countless transactions and negotiation experience we will guide you through every step

     of the way making sure a successful transaction.

•   Our marketing efforts sometimes may produce more than one buyer interested in purchasing

       your property. Our agents are trained in coordinating healthy bidding wars and finishing with an

      ethical Last & Final step. It takes a skilled broker to coordinate a successful bidding war.



Listing to Closing

•   I.

                        Comparative Market Analysis

                        Pricing Property

                        Marketing Plan

•   II.

                        Listing on MLS

                        Advertising online

                        Advertising print

                        Mailing campaign

•   III.

                        Open Houses

                        Scheduling appointments

                        Progress report

•   IV.

                        Presenting offers

                        Offer & Acceptance

                        Due diligence

•   V.

                        Contingency removal/renegotiations


If you're interested in selling your home please complete the form on our contact page and one of our seasoned professionals will contact you.

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